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Ian Murphy

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Our local Rep, Tom Reynolds.
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BEAST Science …for Hicks!

Experiment #1

Prove / disprove the existence of a literal God!

What you’ll need:  a Bible, a ballpoint pen, survival gear, heavy munitions, an autographed picture of Tim LaHaye, whiteout, a small child, a length of rope, a pinch of hubris and a sense of adventure!

Step 1:  Gather your equipment, firearms, small child and anyone you love in the apocalypse-proof bunker of your choice (remember to think of brimstone retardant and overall material strength!).

Step 2:  Turn your bible to the last page and find Rev 22.18: “For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:”

Step 3:  Defy the explicit orders of the literal god by using your pen to “add unto” the text of the book. For brevity’s sake, don’t try to be creative. We recommend a juvenile phrase like “donkey fart” or “jiggle flaps.” Having defamed the preternatural pages, there are only two possible results!

Step 4:  Wait approximately 20 minutes for best results of the experiment. While waiting, clean your guns and use the length of sturdy rope to fasten yourself to the small child’s ankle (if the experiment goes “poorly,” you may still be able to ascend to heaven via the small child). Keep your ears open for trumpets!

Step 5:  Now look out your bunker periscope! Do you see the fifth angel opening the bottomless pit, out of which pours scorpions and locusts that collect into the form of apocalyptic horsemen with tails of serpents that spit fire and sulfur from their lion toothed mouths? Your observations will tell you how the experiment is going.


Oops! A literalist God exists and you have been left behind, partially because performing this experiment demonstrates your lack of faith, but mainly for ending the world. Immediately use the whiteout to take away your rapture-educing act of blasphemy. Keep monitoring the buoyancy of the small child. If the whiteout doesn’t stem the tide of death, disease and destruction, use the roped, sinless child to tow you into the loving arms of the lord. If the small child proves sinful and earthbound: you must use your winning personality, arsenal and autographed photo of Tim LaHaye to get in good with Jesus. You’re really going to want to die, but hang in there (don’t forget to slaughter the child for posterity!).


D’oh! A literalist God is bullshit, and you have wasted many hours, your life savings and the mental health of a small child for a scientific proof should have been able to deduce a priori. Nice work, Gomer!

Experiment #2

Prove / disprove Darwin’s theory of evolution!

What you’ll need:  Prescriptions for high dosages of the most modern antibiotics, a 50 ml vial of staphylococcus aureus bacteria, a syringe, a microscope, a centrifuge, a priest, a calculator, graph paper, a straight edge, pencils and a notepad.

Step 1:  Orally ingest the entire vial of flesh-eating bacteria to begin the experiment.

Step 2:  Wait for the incredibly painful symptoms to begin (remember to record your observations of the bacteria’s effects in your notepad!).

Step 3:  Begin the first course of antibiotics. If you regain consciousness, use your scientific apparatus to make a physical count, in parts per million, of the staphylococcus and antibiotics in your blood. If you have performed the experiment correctly, you should see an inverse correlation between the level of antimicrobial agents and the level of flesh eating bacteria.

Step 4:  Continue your antimicrobial regimen. While you are healthy enough, use your graph paper and straight edge to plot your progress on a line graph…

Step 5:  After several days of intense vomiting and dysentery, your graph should show the parts per million of bacteria to be swiftly overtaking the number of antimicrobials.

Step 6:  Repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 with progressively higher doses of stronger antibiotics. You may be able to do this 3 or 4 times before you die! Each time, your data will show an initial relief of your physical duress and a lessening in staphylococcus levels, relative to number of antimicrobial agents.

Step 7: Using the straight edge and priest, calculate your last rites!


Evolution is a fact! You wouldn’t be dying horribly now if not for the bacteria’s ability to adapt to an increasingly hostile environment. The speed with which the microbes ending your dumb hick life can develop resistance to antibiotics clearly illustrates the validity of evolution as a scientific model. Mutant bacterial strains, now unaffected by the antimicrobials, produce offspring with the same immunity, and over successive generations have killed your ignorant cracker ass. It’s all about survival of the fittest! 

Next Issue - Test the tensile sanctity of marriage against a corrosive homosexual agent!



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