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Allan Uthman

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Blogger and journalist Brad Friedman of The Brad Blog on the hijacking of democracy and more

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The Pussy of the Christ, How Great We Art, Dumb Shit, PhD, All You Need is Loathe and more


Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe

continued - page 3

It does seem to be pretty much the most important domestic story there is. It’s astonishing because it’s not even that I’ve seen many rebuttals or discrediting of these stories; they just don’t address it at all.

Well they used to, and in fact, I think the New York Times are in no small part responsible for the dearth of coverage. They came out with a story just after the 2004 election referring to people who were concerned about what happened in Ohio in ‘04 as “conspiracy theorists” and “left wing bloggers.” I don’t hear that a lot anymore. I do a lot of radio interviews and so forth on this. We used to get calls all the time; callers would call me a tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist lefty whacko. Interestingly, I think, through the assiduous work of a ragtag band of citizen patriots around the country, I think we have pretty well made our case. I don’t get a lot of those calls anymore when I’m on the air from folks saying that I’m a lefty moonbat. You can only get so many studies coming out from Princeton University showing on video that you can hack an entire state election in ten seconds before people start saying, “Oh yeah, maybe there is a problem here.”

At the end of the day, if you can’t throw the bad guys out, it doesn’t matter how much you want to argue about Iraq or health care or anything else. So that’s why I’ve been sticking to this one and I’m amazed that not just the mainstream media, but even the progressive blogosphere haven’t been as good on this as I would have expected.

Believe me, I have not made a lot of friends in pointing out the concerns I have with the Holt bill and the fact that it does not ban DREs, dangerously. But I don’t think American democracy can well withstand another, third presidential election in a row that has a questionable result. I don’t think we can stand it. And as it stands now with this Holt bill, we are headed straight there. There is nothing in that Holt bill that will ensure that we won’t have another Florida 2000 or Ohio 2004. And whether I’ll be successful in changing minds there, we will see, but I couldn’t rest at night if I didn’t stand up and do something about it.

I read an alarming thing about Chuck Hagel, that he was the CEO of ES&S less than a year before his first election, and that ES&S counts all the votes in his state.

That’s correct. And he won that seat for the first time in like 20 years or something that a Republican had won that seat.

And it was considered an upset victory, right? He wasn’t leading in the polls.

That’s my understanding, yeah.

So what do you think the chances are that that’s crooked—that basically, Chuck Hagel shouldn’t be a senator?

Well, I’ll tell you. I’ve seen a lot of things that have raised my eyebrows, certainly, but unless I can absolutely prove something, I just don’t report it. As a matter of fact, I’ll go even further, I tell people, ‘don’t trust me; I’m not to be trusted, but neither is the AP or New York Times.’ If people were as cautious with them as they are with me, I think we would be in good shape. So it’s a long way to answer your question, which is to say yeah, I’ve seen a lot of stuff that’s really really troubling, but if I can’t confirm it and prove it than I wont report it. But it is worth mentioning for sure. And it is also worth noting that the Nebraska newspaper out there, [the Omaha World Herald], they have a huge ownership in this voting machine company. And questions have come up at various times, whether it’s the Hagel thing or anything else in Nebraska about the voting systems, and what the hell is a newspaper doing owning a voting machine company?

Do you think that HAVA [the Help America Vote Act of 2002] was a bad bill?

HAVA was a horrible bill. I did quite a bit of exposé work on that as well, connecting some of the dots. In fact, Bob Ney was the main author of HAVA. He’s in jail; he’s a felon; he can’t vote and we are stuck with his crappy bill. Bob Ney not only was the lead author of HAVA, but most notably, Bob Ney’s former chief of staff is and was the main Diebold lobbyist in congress, and he was involved with [Jack] Abramoff. Diebold had given [Abramoff employer] Greenberg Traurig money, so HAVA seems to be quite well tied into that entire filthy network.

I saw that [former EAC Chairman] Deforest Soaries kind of went AWOL recently.

Well, he went AWOL a while ago, and thank god. He stood up and said something about what a scam this EAC thing is, and we have really learned since then what a scam they are. And I think people went along with it with the best of intentions on that bill, but it was a horrible bill and that’s why it’s so important with Holt now that we get it right this time. The devil is in the details and I don’t want to see it become HAVA 2, and that’s where I think it is going to be headed unless some amendments are going to be made quickly to ban DREs.

It seems probable to me that these same people are going to try pumping as much money as they can into Democratic campaigns just to keep themselves alive…

Well, you would think. I don’t know if they are or aren’t in truth, although I will confess to being somewhat confused why Democrats are not just coming out and saying… hell, even Charlie Crist down in Florida, the new governor down there, said we need to get rid of the DREs and replace them with op scans. The fact a Florida Republican governor is ahead of the Democrats on this issue is mind-blowing.

It’s really something. To me, it’s the most confounding part of the story, now that the Democrats at least have the house, and you know, like you said, this is the story that underscores all other stories.

Well, I think they also don’t understand it. It is a tricky business; you get into DREs and VVPATs [Voter Verified Paper Audit Trails] and op scans and statistics and all this other stuff that really nobody wants to know about, and I think that most people in Congress don’t have any clue. He has 192 cosponsors on this bill, 191 if Maxine [Waters] drops out, as she has announced her intentions to do, but most of them don’t really know and they don’t know the difference between a DRE and an op scan. And it has allowed the office to run around and say, “Those people that want to ban DREs, they are insisting on hand counting paper ballots!” And that’s nonsense. I’m not insisting on hand counting paper ballots. But they’re using that to confuse people, and overall they are looking at the bill, they are looking at Rush Holt who has been on this now for several years, and they see that he is quite literally a rocket scientist, which is what he is. And they presume, “Well, this guy knows what he is talking about; if Holt says this is the way to do it, than this is the way we’ll take it. He knows his computer stuff; he is a rocket scientist, after all.” They are sort of trusting him. Why he is not making that step is a different issue, though. So I don’t want to imply that the reason that the Democrats are not doing this is because they are in bed with the voting machine companies. I don’t know. If they are, I will report it, that’s for damn sure, but I haven’t seen any evidence of it.


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