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[sic] - Letters

  Spears’ Mitochondria Descended from Bacteria

HOLLYWOOD, CA—Sources close to Britney Spears’ inner circle have confirmed reports that some components of the fallen diva’s cellular structure may have once lived freely as bacteria. Mitochondria, known as the “powerhouse of the cell,” provides Spears’ cells with much needed oxygen. According to OK! Magazine, the relationship between Spear’s mitochondrial organelles and her eukaryotic animal cells is thought to have evolved approximately 1.6 - 2.1 billion years ago through symbiosis.

It is estimated by scientists that Spears has upwards of a trillion individual cells, each containing the bacteria-descended mitochondria. “That’s, like, gross,” says long-time fan Jennifer Wilkes. “After all she’s gone through lately with the VMA melt-down and the loss of her children that I felt sorry for her, but now, I don’t know if I can ever look at her the same way again, knowing that she’s genetically related to early bacterial life forms.”

Senator Sam Brownback has echoed this popular concern and plans to move for Spears’ impeachment. “We will not tolerate celebrities who harbor bacteria!—especially fatties!” Brownback spoke passionately to a group of delighted supporters on Friday.

Hearings are scheduled for early November.





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