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August 24 - September 7, 2005
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Power? Authority?

Freshman congressmen generally start out with few aces in their hand. Maybe thatís why Brian Higgins has turned his back on his constituents, supporting bills like the absurdly unconstitutional Terri Schiavo legislation and (and the flag-burning amendment), and won't articulate a definite position on the war in Iraq other than the vague War On Terror nonsense spouted by the Bush administration.† In previous issues, we've mentioned his voting for reauthorization of the Patriot Act, and the new bankruptcy legislation that was written by the credit card companies at the expense of struggling middle class families, as evidence of his misguided ways.

On one issue, however, Higgins appears to stepping up for his constituents, and it's not the waterfront. This summer Higgins has been very outspoken, portraying himself as our local David in the renegotiation of the Niagara Power Projectís license with the Goliath State Power Authority. Higgins laid the foundation for this campaign long before running for Congress. Few Western New Yorkers would argue with his premise that the Buffalo area gets the short end of the stick under the license that the Power Authority is trying to renew for the next fifty years. After all, the authority receives over $500 million in profits each year from its operation of the Niagara Power Project. The authority has divined that Erie County deserves a meager $2 million a year from their booty for our proximity to the project and the years of environmental damage it has done to the area and its citizens.† Higgins, however, is demanding we deserve more, i.e. $10 million plus interest, which doesn't seem like near enough to us.

Problem is, this issue is not up for public referendum. Public opinion in Buffalo will do little to sway downstate politicos to give Higgins a share of the revenue generated by the hydroelectric plant on the mighty Niagara. So why all the wasted ink in Artvoice? Well, it looks good; remember, House members have an election every two years, which means theyíre pretty much always campaigning.

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