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Sept 21 - Oct 5, 2005
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Some People Have Spoken

About a fifth of registered Democrats voted in the all-important primary on the 13th. After all the kicking and screaming this year. A fifth.

We can blame, in part, an overwhelming sense of defeat which has pervaded this community for a couple of decades, growing steadily.

We can blame, in part, the fact that many in the city of Buffalo are too damn tired from overwork to pay attention.

We can blame a catastrophically bad education system, which has churned out a generation of functional illiterates who are probably better off not voting.

But mainly, we can only blame ourselves, for all of these conditions are the result of the poisonous cocktail of apathy and misguided trust we’ve been imbibing since the late ‘70s.

Speaking of misguided trust, the Buffalo News couldn’t conceal its glee at Brown’s success, as displayed in its next-day headline, “Brown trounces Gaughan in Buffalo mayoral primary.” Apparently, winning by less than 6,000 votes qualifies as a “trouncing” when nobody shows up. Oddly enough, the very next day, in a piece co-written by Robert McCarthy, the same person who wrote the “trouncing” article, the News admits that “Nearly 41 percent of Democrats voted against Brown in the primary.”

Of course, that isn’t really true, either; the reality is that 75 to 80 percent of Democrats sat on their fat, pizza-laden asses and watched TV on primary day. They almost certainly comforted themselves with the usual excuses for their laziness—“they’re all the same, all in cahoots”—but how many of these people spent a significant portion of the last year bitching to anyone who would listen about the sorry state of local affairs? How many railed about “throwing the bastards out?” Certainly many more than showed up at the polls.

So listen well, Buffalo: the next time you see us out and feel like giving us an earful about how corrupt and inept our local government is, do us a favor and eat shit. If you’re not willing to literally lift a damn finger to change things, you forfeit your right to bitch. Just shut up and take your medicine like the feeble-minded humps you are.

Perks? Patronage? Business as usual? The problem is you.

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