Idiot Box by Matt Bors
Big Fat Whale by Brian McFadden
Perry Bible Fellowship by Nicholas Gurewitch
Bob the Angry Flower by Stephen Notely

Deep Fried by Jason Yungbluth

Leaking Integrity
Washington Post gives the lie to its readers.
Allan Uthman
Setting the Table
Preemptive war: a moveable feast.
Ian Murphy
Happy BEASTer!
A Happy Easter Fun-Page...for the kids!

[sic] - Letters
Higgins sightings, vague
rants, film fantasies.

Your cosmic fortune in insult form.

The BEAST Page 3 Interpretive Fission Dance

Latest on the SubGenius custody case.

News Abuse
Buffalo News readers must break the cycle.

Da Vinci Reveals All!
Paul Jones interviews the long-deceased master.
The Foreign Flag Threat
Guest columnist Lou Dobbs warns America
The Choice of a New Generation
Benzene adds death.
Kit Smith
Kino Korner
Smoking, Slevin, Benchwarmers, Basic Instinct 2, Ice Age 2, Slither




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