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    Issue 7

August 30 - September 12, 2002

Common Council Trading Cards!
Discard 'em All!

Hackworld David Brooks donates genitals in noble pursuit of status quo

A Very Common Council How ignorant are they? The BEAST Investigates

Issue 6 ISSUE# 6
August 15-29, 2002

Fantasy Land In Coudersport, PA (Adelphia HQ), real life tangled with unreal ambition

The BEAST Humor Academy Entrance Exam
Are you qualified? Find out!

Iraq or Arachnophobia?
A side-by-side matchup

    Issue 5 ISSUE# 5
July 12, 2006

The Right Man for the Job How The BEAST was Hired to Build James Kopp's Beard

How I Harassed the Working Class My sinful persecution of working class poet Jeff Daniels

Small Children Just Don't Get It A BEAST Editorial

Issue 4 ISSUE# 4
July 19 - August 1, 2002

TERRORISTS ATE MY HOMEWORK! The BEAST Guide to Post-9/11 Political Opportunism

Let's get Medieval The BEAST Explores CEO Punishment Options

Tom's Ticket Out! A Gift for Tom Sartori

    Issue 3 ISSUE# 3
July 4 - 18, 2002

While Allentown geared up for its street festival, police held their own block party on the lower West Side


Books that was in 'Nam
Book Reviews by John Dolan

Issue 2 ISSUE# 2
June 21 - July 4, 2002

Attack of the Green Goblin
Pool cue-wielding publisher runs amok in BEAST office

[Mis]Representin' Moses
Test your knowledge of Jamie Moses!

    Issue 1 ISSUE# 1
May 31 - June 13, 2002

Mayor to Star in Ganster Drama!
Masiello Rolls Out Red Carpet for The BEAST

The Truth About our Intentions
Dispelling the Ugly Rumors


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