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December 22, 2005

Santa Claus Found Dead in Kenmore Snow Bank, Christmas in Hell: No, Virginia, There is no Santa Claus, Disinformation Age: America Loves a Good Liar, Ridiculous Gift Guide, Tips on Buying Thoughtless Gifts, Giambra Admits Drinking Live Sea Monkeys, Rumsfeld to Press: Dudes - CHILL!
    ISSUE# 64
December 8, 2005

Unusually Low Humor Content Disappoints Readers, Bass Pro-testers Attack Mayor, Happy Bhopal to You: The Disaster is 20 Years Young! , No Moore Dissent: DLC Targets Populism, Man-Boobs, Condoleezza Rice is Going to Lick Your Beaver, Bush Appoints Dog to Cabinet Position

Nov 24, 2004

Kerry Encased in Frozen Carbonite! Giambra Terrorizes County!, Top Ten Hacks of 2004 Election, "Redwoods Evil, Must Be Destroyed"- Bush Wants Some Wood, MEMRI Problems: Was Kerry's Election Bid Lost in Translation?, Too Cool for School: City Honors Censorship, New Hotel on Baltic Ave: Boon or Burden?
    ISSUE# 62
Nov 10, 2004

Buffalo Could Be Canada's Newest Crappy City!, O- Buffalo: Why Move When we can Secede?, BEAST Exclusive: Interview with God, Who Voted Bush? A Beast Quiz, The Meaning of Tripe: Countdown to the Beast's Ten Worst Presidential Election Campaign Hacks of 2004, The Big Rig: This Election was Worse than 2000
Oct 27, 2004

Super Scary Election Issue - Voting Guide of Fear, Top 10 Reasons to be Terrified This Halloween, Onward Christian Assholes: Some Folks Just Can't Wait for the Apocalypse, A Talk With Sam Hoyt
    ISSUE# 60
Oct 13, 2004

Big Brother Knows Best: Blockbuster Rents Bogus Fahrenheit 9/11 DVDs, Truth is Overrated: Why Does My TV Think Bush Won the Debate? Political Snickering - M&M/Mars' Campaign of Terror,
Sept 29, 2004

Mayoral Survivor Contest, Rather: The Awful Truth, Britney Spears Breaks Wind, What DA Ruling? Keeping Kids on Drugs, Shitty Hall: Shady Start to Mayor Race
    ISSUE# 58
Sept 15, 2004

Invisible Terrorists Threaten Mars Pipeline, Ridge Raises National Panic Level to "Soiled", Chris Riordan Talks Shit, Sudan Genocide Must End...Eventually,A Hooker's View of the RNC
Sept 1, 2004

Local Man Wets Bed & Blames Dog, COBRA Joins Forces with Bin laden, Barney Frank admits Heterosexual Affair, Resigns, Special RNC Protest Coverage
    ISSUE# 56
August 18, 2004

Excessive Use of the Word "BITCH" p. 1-34, Hurricane Akbar Attacks New York! Top Gay to Govern? Special RNC Preview, Cheney Takes Gold in Clean and Jerk
Aug 4, 2004

Scary Kerry! Dems Agog!   The DNC Got No Soul, Alt Press to Beast: Waaaaaaahhh!!
    ISSUE# 54
July 21, 2004

GOP SMACKDOWN! Bush K.O.'s Lady Liberty! Convenient Technology Votes For You! Masiello Hair Crisis, Greens Wave the White Flag...
July 7, 2004

TIGER BEAST: Stalling in Sudan, Taibbi v. Hitchens v. Moore, Rods from Gods, Ask a Chronic Pot-Smoker...
    ISSUE# 52
June 23, 2004

2=Party System Declares Victory in'04, New Kerry Penny Stirs Controversy, Cannibal Cows Strike Lockport, Conversation: Pointless?
June 9, 2004

REAGAN ACCEPTS KEY CABINET POSITION IN HELL - Newly Appointed Minister of Injustice to John Hinckley: "I'll be Waiting!", Bush Joins Muppets
    ISSUE# 50
May 26, 2004

THE BEST! The Beast Sells Out! Why the Environment Doesn't Matter, Top Ten Reasons to Vote Republican
May 12, 2004

Abuse for Men - A New Stench, Publisher Battles God, Rummy and Lynndie Hook Up
    ISSUE# 48
April 28, 2004

Invasion! Bush Conquers Kleinhans, Mayor Trapped in Pothole, Protesters Get Snotty
April 14, 2004

Holy Shiite! Bremer Freaks - There isn’t enough sand in Iraq to cover up Bremer’s incompetence, United States of Nice
    ISSUE# 46
March 31, 2004

Antonin Scalia’s Recusal Refusal, The Christ of Money Counto: Jesus is Way Funny
March 16, 2004

Cast Your Vote! Where it goes ... Nobody Knows!
    ISSUE# 44
March 3, 2004

Nader-Bot Returns!
Feb 16, 2004

Pie In The Sky!
    ISSUE# 42
Feb 1, 2004

Kerry Dunks on Dean!
Jan 20, 2004

Mars Rover Discovers Wal-Mart
    ISSUE# 40
Jan 20, 2004

Most Vile Americans of 2003

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